Our Approach to Interviews

We believe that the average listener often forgets musicians are people too, not just “out of touch” faceless band names. So why don’t just talk informally and share thoughts? It’s not all about the music, either!
Being artists doesn’t mean we don’t have anything else to talk about.
We despise the concept of “pre-made”, emailed form-like interviews that are just sent and received with no real interaction. That’s why we decided to take a “cut and thrust” approach, as a “live” situation would lead to. That way, we try to keep interviews as natural and arguments as open as possible.
In addition, I personally believe in the power of sharing resources because there’s always something to learn out there. So we provided external links to every possible kind of content in the interviews, letting you look further if you wish to.
That being said, you don’t have to like “that genre” to find something interesting in one of our interviews, but just to love music instead! Or better, just to be curious 🙂

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