Other Miserable Mentions


Last week I disclosed my top 5 albums of 2015. Assumed that you didn’t give a damn about that, I’m continuing today with other albums that weren’t included in the top 5 but still deserve a honorable (or miserable?) mention.
The following are just in no particular order.

Algos – The Death of Seasons (Holland)
Exquisite Melo Death/Doom Metal with an amazing taste for classical-sounding melody. Deep Growls and exciting guitars are the icing on top.


Draconian – Sovran (Sweden)
Swedish Gothic Doom Metal Lords. What can I say else? This album is majestic.

Verlassen – Demo (Germany)
Quite interesting debut demo for this (almost) instrumental DSBM project. Very depressive. How else could it be?


Chaos Plague – Existence Through Annihilation (Italy)
Finally the debut full-length of this Prog/Tech Death Metal act. One of the best Italian bands you could find these days, in my opinion.

Dalla Nebbia – Felix Culpa (International)
Complex, yet so melodic. Definitely a neat work for this Prog/Post Black Metal act divided between USA and Brasil.


Helfir – Still Bleeding (Italy)
Nostalgic, gloomy and melancholic. Dark Rock/Metal one-man band by Luca Mazzotta. You can’t miss this one if you’re looking for some sad moments.

Nox Aeternum – Incipiunt Oblivionem (USA)
An instrumental EP full of Melodic Death/Black Metal. Crushing riffs, blast beats and captivating solos…plus a pinch of electronic stuff. You can have all of this with Incipiunt Oblivionem.

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