Onyria announce drastic changes


Line up:
Simon – Creative and Music Producer

Italian/British symphonic rock/metal band Onyria just announced through a Facebook
post that they are changing their name, lineup and genre.

Dear fans
We started doing music in 2012. We always felt that our primary goal was to make the
music we felt was right for us.
We managed to achieve success with our cover of My Heart Will Go On – and our
other covers are still going strong to this day.
Onyria has always been a project rather than a full fledged band.
We had band members on board for short periods of time, but the core has always
stayed the same.
After tons of delays, we managed to publish our entirely self produced album “Break
The Silence”. It broke our silence, for sure.
It was greatly acclaimed by many reviewers, and we were encouraged to go ahead.
Every single comment, greet, review and kind word spent for us touched our heart.

we don’t feel like doing music under this name anymore.

Our singer Helena, now known as Hellektra, will continue with this project as a solo
artist and release future material under his name.
This is not the end of our music, but a new beginning.

Expect some exciting new stuff and new cover songs – very soon!

The announcement caused some fans to concern about the fate of pre-existing materials.
The Band replied as following:

For everyone who’s worried about it:
– Our cover songs will stay online, and more and more covers will be recorded in the
– Our original stuff (including Break The Silence) are still available on iTunes, Google
Play, Spotify and every other digital store
– People who pre-ordered and ordered our limited edition will receive their package,
but no more copies are going to be produced.

No word has been made about the genre the band is going to take in the future. Future
releases are due to be released during the summer.

Social Network pages and official website are already pointing to the new project.
For everyone who wants to connect with the new act:

Fb page

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