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When you do it yourself nothing’s easy. Even giving away your music could be quite stressing and expensive as well. So here’s a little tip that could maybe save you some bucks. 

If you plan to sell your music on major stores (i.e. Amazon, iTunes, Google Store etc.) or make it available via streaming services (i.e. Spotify, Shazam, Mix Radio etc.) I found that this useful tool may come handy. In fact RouteNote offers, in its free package, a worldwide distribution through a handful of major stores and services completely free of charge for you.


So what do they get in exchange for that? They’ll keep 15% of the earned royalties and deliver the remaining 85% directly to your PayPal account.

And that’s it! Easy peasy .

But let’s see some important facts about this service:
– Completely free of charges
– Very easy to setup
– Efficiency in customer service
– 2 packages available (free and premium)

– Improvable  user interface
– Works only with mp3 (free version)

As you may think working with mp3 only could be a downside, and it is in some cases, but don’t forget that you’re getting all of this for free so most of you could easily go over it. But, if you really want the highest coolest quality you also have the chance to go with a premium account.

Of course I’m suggesting you RouteNote because I tested and used it for my own productions, I’m not getting anything from these people nor I’m paid by them. For my experience it’s a quite valuable service though. Definitely suggested to who doesn’t have a shit-ton of money to spend for distribution.

For more info:  RouteNote

By Teo

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