Vancouver Prog Virtuosos OMNISIGHT Stream Title Track From Upcoming EP ‘Power of One’

Vancouver progressive virtuosos OmnisighT will be kicking off 2017 with the release of their new EP ‘Power of One’ on January 20th to follow their 2016 live album ‘Live At The Theatre’.  OmnisighT are influenced by greats like Soundgarden, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Tool, and Faith No More, but transcend their influences to become very much their own creation. Justifiably highly regarded for their musicianship and finely wrought song-craft, OmnisighT bring progressive metal into new dimensions.

“I think our guitar player fans will really like the new EP.  I think fans of the songs will also be pleased with the thoughtful lyrics. I’m questioning the status quo. The song ‘Power of One’ is about how one person can make a difference in the world around them just with knowledge and a little spiritual balance. The album as a whole is a musical journey, there is the concept of standing up to the oppression and deceptions of the ruling class.” comments vocalist/guitarist Raj Krishna.

The EP’s title track ‘Power of One’ is now streaming

along with EP pre-order available at

‘Power of One’ will also be available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp as of January 20, 2017.

“If you’re going to attempt this sort of thing, you’d better have chops. Fortunately, (OmnisighT) have ’em, and how.” – Georgia Straight

“Their stage presence and technique is out of this world…I can safely say that the only guitarists I’ve seen live that instilled the same sort of awe in me as Raj Krishna were Jeff Loomis and John Petrucci himself.” – Prog Sphere

“great songwriting, fantastic lead guitar work…immediately on the first track, the intro “String Theory,” we are greeted by some immense guitar skills. Seriously, these guys are fucking fantastic.” – The Monolith

“deliciously retro, Zappa-meets-Malmsteen solos with at least one toe in the land of jazzy improv… guitar fiends should rush to check them out.” – Georgia Straight

“I have never been more impressed with a band that I had zero knowledge about. These guys play like they’ve been playing together since birth and clearly love what they do at a cellular level.” – Metal Titans

1. Shift The Paradigm (5:24)
2. Resistance (4:51)
3. Seven Sisters (6:32)
4. Fall of The Empire (7:04)
5. Power of One (7:11)
EP Length: 31:04
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