Review: Ols – Ols (Poland, 2016)

Ols - Ols (Poland, 2016)

Ols - Ols (Poland, 2016)

Release Info

  • 6th September 2016
  • Self-Released


  • Dark Ambient
  • Dark Folk

If you’re an “aficionados” of this very blog then you should know I usually like a lot nature-themed music. When something is devoted to woods, trees, hills, wildness and all of this things it might be my cup of tea. I don’t mind in what exact genre one given album relies. The important thing is that it must speak of nature.

Ols’ debut definitely exposes nature all over the place. The Polish one-man … (sorry) one-woman band delivered, not so many months ago, what could be easily pigeonholed as a ritualistic, dark ambient work. On the total run of eight songs -six of them are original plus two covers- the, at this point, quite talented lady crafted a maze of tangled voices. Which works as main and “weight-bearing” instrument of her self-title first fatigue.

Ols’ compositions are made of several layers of overdubbed voices and vocals. Instead of using complex synths she has replaced them with her own vocal chords. Just a small pinch of acoustic guitar and keyboards are added and play a very minimal part. That all creates a soothing, ethereal and deep dark ambience filled with folk reminiscences. And the songs O drzewach, Woda and Krew na mchu are the best anthems to introduce this lone woman’s effort.

Now, the two cover tunes. They’re placed right at the end of the records and sure do need a mention. The first one. A beautiful, a cappella version of Katatonia’s Unfurl is heartbreaking and emotional -so it was the original. While the second and last isn’t so convincing. She tried and reinterpreting Agalloch’s Bloodbirds. Even though I fully appreciate the effort to cover such a big tune, the result is a bit less than good and quite disappointing. But it’s hard -and impossible- covering Agalloch leaving the instrumental parts out.

But at the end of this short stroll, Ols’ record is more than suggested for two main reasons. Firstly is pleasant and original -even if the production is faulty here and there. Secondly you can really tell this lady put her heart and (a lot) of soul in this record … and well, those are the kinda things that need to be rewarded!


Label: Self-Released
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
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