Okkultokrati release ‘Hidden Future’, the new video from Raspberry Dawn

Okkultokrati are anything but a straight forward band when it comes to their psych-singed, heavy rock, post-punk instrumentation, and so it should come as no surprise to find their lyrical output is just as inspired to define. Behold the video for ‘Hidden Future‘ (the longest track on their new LP Raspberry Dawn) which premiered through the Quietus, drawing upon 20th century sci-fi and cold war rhetoric to create a chilling, world wide anti-war story.

As vocalist Henning elaborates… “The inspiration to the lyrics of Hidden Future are rooted in 50’s and 80’s cold war sci-fi like Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons’ ‘Rogue Trooper’ with its race of cloned enhanced humans bred for warfare and Robert Heinlein’s ‘Starship Troopers’, or even better Paul Verhoeven’s take on it. Now decades later, there are very few openly, hard-hitting dissenting voices to military engagements in pop-culture. You can go directly from playing Call of Duty in your basement to piloting military drone strikes. Like something straight out of Ender’s Game, safely bombing a foreign population from the other side of the planet. We are pre-programmed to fear the unknown and to dehumanize the enemy. And there next to no critical voices to question or dispute these matters. Just knee-jerk, empty slogans about supporting our troops and the deafening patriotic chanting in its wake.”

He continues… “So Hidden Future tells the tale of this sad, pathetic, fool who joins the army, never settles in and is stuck there with his own contradicting thoughts about revolting, killing his superiors, greats feats of heroism or deserting but just ends up self-destructing and losing his mind. It’s about the harsh realities of the parasitic nature of the way military forces and military interests operate around the globe. It’s about how in many communities the military have set themselves up as some kind of sheltering corner stone business and provides jobs and homes for thousands of people. Their future depending on the well-being of the military. It’s about how for many disenfranchised and less privileged, with lower incomes and uncertain futures joining the military is the only way to get an education and to pull yourself out of poverty. It’s about how the military in a lot of cases have free access to come into schools and promote and recruit to their ‘cult’. It’s about how it’s all part in a pointless and cynical game of keeping inflated defence-budgets propped up because it ‘creates jobs’, ‘is good for the economy’ and makes the military industry a truly endless, ungodly, shit-ton of money. Hidden Future is in essence about whether it’s Boko Haram, Isis or the US Government or any other ruthless, self-serving military force; there is always a future antagonist or future enemy to be fear. There will always be a need for cannon fodder. And you are a candidate for future war!”




07/12/2016 KAPU – Linz, AT – tickets

08/12/2016 Klub 007 – Prague, CZ – tickets

09/12/2016 Urban Spree – Berlin, DE – tickets

10/12/2016 Incubate Festival – Tilburg, NL – tickets

11/12/2016 McDaid’s – Le Havre, FR – tickets

12/12/2016 La Zone – Liege, BE – tickets

13/12/2016 Worm – Rotterdam, NL – tickets

14/12/2016 MTS Citysound – Oldenburg, DE – tickets

15/12/2016 Stengade – Copenhagen, DK – tickets

16/12/2016 Plan B – Malmö, SE – tickets

17/12/2016 Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, SE

Raspberry Dawn is out now on CD, LP, and all digital platforms via the Southern Lord store.

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