Review: Odyssey – Voids (USA, 2016)

I was quite curious about Odyssey’s album Void when I first received it. After a long day at work I thought to myself “I’ll just listen to the beginning of the first song” as I just wanted to quickly indulge my curiosity and then go to bed. Having listened to the first song it became quite hard to stop it.

The album starts with “Emerge. Evolve. Adapt”, a song that begins with a powerful bass line and quickly grows into strong riffs and beautiful guitar licks. This song is interesting and takes the listener through a journey of emotions, which pretty much sums up the experience of listening to Void.

The 3rd song “Like Moths to Flame” shows few of the many times when the guitar does simple rhythm sessions while the bass takes the listener’s attention holding the groove with an impressive, crispy metallic tone.

The drums can sometimes start out with well-thought and elaborated beats, such as the start of the 4th song Motives or a fast and impressive double-kick part, just to later on in the album hold a simple 4/4 beat as to give the space for the guitar to shine during a slow moving part, all fitting each song’s mood like custom made gloves.

My personal favourite is undoubtly the 5th song Echoes, which starts out with a beautiful guitar lick and grows slowly into a combination between melody and riffs that just hits the perfect spot for me.

I also have to mention the slow ballad Left Unspoken which is particularly beautiful and well written. It gets the listener to relax and appreciate how impressively skilled songwriters are the boys of Odyssey. The song is the perfect preparation to the last and not least title-track of the album Voids, which is just equally brilliant.

It takes you a few songs to realise how good each one of the musicians are. Through out the whole album the three musicians sound in perfect artistic sync, delivering together a musical imagery that tells an exciting story and leaves you with the after taste of having heard something great.

The band definitely needs some help when it comes to production and marketing. The mixing could be improved and if I could give them an advice I’d say they need to change the name of the band as soon as possible. Try to search for “Odyssey” on Spotify or Google and you will see what I mean. Same goes for the name of the album. Their pictures also look quite amateur and the band’s logo is way too similar to Opeth’s.

All that said, it’s forgivable that their promotion material is not the best when they are clearly focused on the music and doing it so well. After all, that’s what musicians should be aiming for and when it comes to their songs Odyssey is exactly what an instrumental band should be.

Label: Independent
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Release Date:
February 5, 2016
Reviewed by Phil T

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