Review: Occulta Veritas – Igneous EP (Italy, 2015)

Occulta Veritas is a solo instrumental metal project from Turin, Italy, directed by mastermind Daniele Vergine, better known as a member of math metal band Noise Trail Immersion.
“Igneous” was released January the 20th, 2015 and brings 5 intense metal songs mixed with electronic atmospheres, in which Daniele tries to blend all of his influences.
Both the intro “Feeling Free” and the outro “Gist Of My Days, Air That I Breathe” are clean tunes with touches of electronica, and they respectively open and close the album in a cyclic way.
For the rest of the EP, we can appreciate Daniele’s growling 8-string riffing which carries mathcore-ish elements and dissonance, accompanied by melodic progressions and clean breaks.
Songs have no canonical structure and they flow as a sort of “stream of consciousness”, so prepare for a not so easy listening.
My standout track would probably be “Ignis Fatus” for its overall variety in dynamics.
In my opinion, the songs sums up what Occulta Veritas is all about: clean interludes, heavy riffing, and electronic\ambient elements.
Take a look at the project and support Daniele’s work!



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