Nox Aeternum – Incipiunt Oblivionem (USA, 2015) by Teo


Listening to this EP I had the impression that this guy definitely knows what he’s doing.
I mean, the album sounds aggressive, but well crafted. The production is also surprisingly good for a self-released EP, not to mention that Nox Aeternum is a one-man band, so everything is made by the skilled craftsman Andrew C. Hart (Who I had the pleasure to interview at the very beginning of this blog).

I’ve been following closely this band from Pennsylvania since his first EP, and damn, the evolution has been incredibly bright so far.
Here everything sounds almost perfect, in this fine cocktail of death and black metal, and just a pinch of electronic music (the first track Eyes Closed is a charming synth intro), neither the lack of a voice seems to weaken this album down.

The second track, Drawn Through the Lungs of Aeons , is my favourite one.
Dark and obscure, with great guitar riffs…and not to mention the awesome acoustic bridge on its half.
Try to imagine Thulcandra without the vocal part, but with more and more melody. Definitely a great deal!

Also the last track is good, I just kinda hear the drum a little too smooth though. But nothing too serious since the track has a killer opener riff, and the whole song is anyway quite catchy and….mysterious.

Nox Aeternum is having a great crescendo in his records so far, so if I’m right, the next one will be a stunning masterpiece…am I right Andrew? 😉

1) Eyes Closed 2:53
2) Drawn Through the Lungs of Aeons 6:17
3) Elevate My Haze of Damnation 10:12

Andrew C. Hart: Everything


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