Non-Metal Records for Metalheads

Erudite Stoner – S/T (Brazil, 2016)

It wouldn’t be hard to tell why this record can be fully enjoyed by metalheads too.
The man behind it openly declares that Erudite Stoner is inspired by bands such as Agalloch, Alcest and Les Discrets. And that’s already a good point.
But as you play it, you’ll realize that a blast-beating drum is the only thing this record misses to fall in the Post Black category. Ok, maybe that’s not just that, but atmosphere-wise we’re totally there.
Anyway, if you like dreamy all-acoustic instrumental songs, the debut of the Brazilian one-man act is a thing which can’t miss from your own collection.

Musk Ox – Woodfall (Canada, 2014)

This album is mesmerizing. I loved it since the first time I played it.
One cello, one violin and one classical guitar constantly raising and crafting delightful harmonies and melodies, peaceful and dynamic yet so powerful and engaging.
Basically it’s chamber music infused with folk, and it all sounds so amazingly black metal (in its soul).

The Visit – Through Darkness Into Light (Canada, 2015)

The Visit is a duo that shares the cellist of the above mentioned album. Hence it is no surprise that Raphael Weinroth-Brown brought some dark elements from his other project.
Possibly The Visit is even more intense than Musk Ox, being also more gloomy and experimental in his compositions.
Why would a cold-hearted metalhead like this one?
Do you really have to ask me!? Through Darkness Into Light is cold, dark and intense…same as a good doom (or black) metal record.

Algos – Fragmented (The Netherlands, 2014)

Quite similar to Erudite Stoner in its formula, so different in the result.
Jurre Timmer’s instrumental acoustic-doom album takes form in a delusional yet romantic dimension.
Melodies driven by guitars accompanied by piano and a gentle veil of synth is what Fragmented is all about. It’s deeply touching and fully enjoyable by anyone who likes melodic death/doom metal but doesn’t always need the heavy part.

God Is An Astronaut – Age of The Fifth Sun (Ireland, 2010)

Who the hell doesn’t know about God Is An Astronaut?
Who knows why many metalheads like their music remains a mystery, though.
Sure anyone can’t say their music is bad, but it’s definitely miles away from being metal-related. However, this very record holds a sulfurous atmosphere and a dirty sounding production who can put it into contact with a certain wave of post-hardcore, sludge or…whatever.
Seriously I don’t know, but what I do know is this post-rock band spans on way more “musical-environment” than you would ever tell.

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