Noise Trail Immersion – s\t EP (Italy, 2014)


Noise Trail Immersion are a 5-piece Italian mathcore band from Turin, offering a dark, frantic 8-string chaotic experience to our ears.
This self-titled EP was their debut, and while waiting for their first LP to come out in the near future I thought this first creation was interesting enough to be brought to your attention.

The EP opens with Grand Finale (hey, pun not intended!). This short atmospheric intro with a quite industrial feeling will take our hand and walk us into the chaos.

We are sleeping packs, in my humble opinion, the general idea behind Noise Trail Immersion: a varied, dirty vocal department shifting from growls to more high pitched screams accompanies a groovy, sometimes death metal-ish 8-string guitar work with enjoyable register contrasts jumping from low, cavernous riffing and pounding breakdowns to high-range, flashy dissonant chording and tapping.
Everything is dipped in intense drumming sauce, and cooked over low heat.
A Meshuggah-esque clean break opens up the middle of the song.
Hmm, I smell some Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza influence, with a Dillinger Escape Plan aftertaste.

40 Days is, according to me, a more breakdown-oriented tune. A clean intro forwards us to dissonant guitar work, busy drumming, and and overall Car Bomb reminiscence at some points while No Eye To Reality has more of an initial DEP feel and groovy riffs.

Drowsiness (ft. Fede of Be The Wolf) is the most melodic track on the EP.
A nice soothing journey with clean vocals, really turning tables with the rest of the album. The tension progressively increases towards the end of the track, generating a vague sense of anxiety.
A real breath of fresh air in the middle of the EP…really, because you haven’t been breathing much up to this point, have you? The dudes are pretty intense!

With Wolves In Plain Clothes (ft. Alex of Napoleon), we return on track with full force. And blast beats. Lots of them. I really like the tapping lines in the background towards the end, as well as the last atmospheric progression. This would probably be my standout track together with “We Are Sleeping”.

The Drift Of Perceptible closes the work, another intense track alternating between heavy grooving and fast runs. The mid-song clean break gives an ambient touch to the mood and lets our mind fly with its slow development before returning in heavy territory for some brief moments and slowly fading away.

I can say I enjoyed the debut work: a decent amount of variety and dynamics for such an aggressive album!
I advise at least a listen to all mathcore fans and to whoever likes intensity in his music, and the use of 8-strings with no…ugghh do I really have to say that? With no djenting, that’s it.
Looking forward to the first LP by the guys, which should be released soon!

The album is available for “name your price” via Bandcamp.
By the way, I remind you that one of the two guitarists Daniele has a solo project (8-string metal as well, but a little bit on the electro side) called Occulta Veritas whose debut I reviewed some time ago, check it out.



  1. Grand Finale
  2. We Are Sleeping
  3. 40 Days
  4. No Eye To Reality
  5. Drowsiness (ft. Fede of Be The Wolf)
  6. Wolves In Plain Clothes (ft. Alex of Napoleon)
  7. The Drift Of Perceptible

Label: self-released
Links: Facebook | BandCamp
Release Date: 05 May 2014
Reviewed by Rizzo

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