Nhung Nguyen – Winter Stories (Vietnam, 2015)


Oh well, maybe it is not what you would expect from one.
In fact I didn’t know what to tell you about this work. But, now that I got your attention, please, follow me into this slight voyage between cold, rain and perceptions.

This is the 2nd time I’ve come to meet an album by the Vietnamese composer Nhung Nguyen, actually in her first one she used the moniker Sound Awakener, and this is her September Traveler review I made some time ago. But, let’s get back to Winter Stories. This album is nothing but a “collection” of field recordings overlaid by some quiet and soft piano melodies. This is it.

The review could be done right there.

But I have to fill at least one A4 page, otherwise my boss will be very pissed off, and I won’t get my salary, so…
Ok, let’s be serious. I just cannot make a regular review because this album is so personal. I mean, each and every piece of music is based on personal perceptions, but this very kind is all about feelings. No way you can enjoy it if you’re not in the correct mood. Otherwise you’re most likely gonna last 2 minutes flat, and then you’ll promptly shut it off.

If you ask me, though, and if you’re reading this it’s because you are probably a bit interested in what I’m writing, I’d say that I liked this album. I managed to enter the right mood, and feel what the artist tried (and managed, in my opinion) to tell with this gentle music. I have been able to feel the winter, the cold raindrops falling sparingly on my head, while I was cherishing the slow frozen breeze invading my nostrils.
So yes, I liked it and I would suggest it to you, if you’re ready to experience something odd and relaxing go for it.

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: Self-Released
Websites: Website | Bandcamp
Release Date: 13th June 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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