NEWS: The Arkitecht – Acùstico (Free Download)


Officially released on May, 22, 2015, The Arkitecht Acústico is available as a free download through the band’s bandcamp account.

One of the most distinct voices on the Latin American scene, The Arkitecht is a progressive metal power house from Mexico, reminiscent of iconic bands of the likes of Opeth or Symphony X.

Just over three years ago, The Arkitecht re-imagined most of the songs from Hyperstructure —it’s debut album— for this unplugged/acoustic session, stripping every composition of the most extreme metal elements and keeping only the essence on each piece.

“Our goal was to make faithful yet limited adaptations, constrained to an acoustic palette”.
Two guitars, cajon, cymbal, bass and vocals give these seven songs a mysterious character, perhaps even more extravagant than their original versions.
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