Review: Nebula Orionis – Summer (Russia, 2014)

Are you tired of listening to Lustre but you want something Lustre-esque anyway?
OK, you got it!
This album is definitely for you.

Nebula Orionis are emerged from the icy tundra of Russia, composed of two members, M42 and Hated Being and here I’m going to deliver you their EP Summer.

The album starts with Majesty of Nature the most luste-like and also the best track on this record. A slow perpetual theme will guide you through the 7 minutes (and a half) of this great opening song, while you will find peace and some kind of warmth. Very well done.
As the album goes on we pass through Dreamy Forest, Mighty Rivers and finally we went through Golden Clouds. Harsh voices, slow piano touches and bit of atmosphere. Gently and ethereal this song will bring you above the clouds, light and hypnotic. You will fly away toward new worlds.
Still two tracks left, Ascension and an outro called, guess what!? Outro.
By the way this last song is a pretty good way to end this album, woods noises with just a glimpse of warm pads to create a wonderful and peaceful sound layer. A great way, not so original though, to give this record a closure.

Ok, now the album is finished, every tracks are gone so it’s time for some final thoughts.
Personally I truly enjoyed this record and I bet that you will enjoy it as well, as long as you’re one of those black metalheads who need a moment of peace sometimes.
On the other hand, if you’re one of those who always want everlasting blast-beats and sick guitar riffs you’d better keep on listening to “de mysteriis dom sathanas” over and over again.
If a really had to make a complain about this album I’d say that after some listens it could be a little boring and foregone, but it’s a very good record anyway.
I look forward to hear something news from Nebula Orionis, as I understood that they’re working over a new single-track.




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