Review: Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern / Eternal Spell / Chiral – Sed Auiis (2015)

Of course this isn’t a review, and it won’t be fair at all if it was since I’m the man behind Chiral.
But you know, and hope you’ll understand, I kinda want to spread the world and talk briefly about this latest work I crafted.

Hey, wait…”I” is not correct, “We” is better. Yes, without the great help of the guys from Eternal Spell and Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern, and last but not least with the huge help of my friend Steve Thomas-Green from SixsixsixMusic this album won’t exist.

This 3-way split is all about black metal, so if you dislike this genre you’d better close this page.
But the nice thing, in my humble opinion, about this record is that every band plays its own (hopefully original) style of black metal.

Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern with its very raw and somehow atmospheric BM reminds of the early days of Burzum or, as he mentions, Nocte Obducta‘s releases from ’99 to ’05.

Eternal Spell is a fast and dirt BM assault. Remember those evil guys from Venom or early Bathory…Don’t you!? Well with this guy from Chile you’ll remember them for sure.

Chiral, well, that’s me…and I won’t talk about myself. So I’d only say that my share for this split are two tracks. The first one fast and atmospheric, while the second one more mid-paced and experimental. That’s it.

Ok, I’m done with this shameless self-promotion…just wanted to say a big, huge, massive THANK YOU to all these fantastic folks that helped a lot to craft this split.
And now please enjoy this little fragment of our journey, please enjoy Sed Auiis….




Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern

Eternal Spell

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