Musk Ox – Woodfall (Canada, 2014) by Teo


What you’re gonna hear in this album is…beyond words.
A magic atmosphere embraces this record, while the three acoustic instruments (classical guitar, violin and cello) awesomely played by Musk Ox, nurture and excite you.

They define themselves as a progressive chamber folk band and they come from Ottawa.
From the cold lands of Canada, they deliver a memorable “opera” divided in 5 parts.

A guitar often accompanies the luxurious melodies and harmonies drew by both violin and cello.
Sometimes it traces outstanding catchy arpeggios, adorned with harmonics and smartly crafted chords.
Obviously there’s no trace of a singing voice in here, and actually I don’t even feel the need for one. Absolutely not. Those 3 instruments have already crafted an amazing twine that will never bore you, you can trust me on that!

I don’t know why, but Woodfall feels tremendously black metal-esque to my hears. Of course you won’t find any drums, harsh vocals or electric instruments but the feelings that this one gives me are actually one of the blackest, deepest and emotional things that I could expect from a musical record.
From time to time it will make you wanna cry, in other passages it’ll make you smile and again make you want to think and relax. Simply stay on your own, listen to these huge compositions and stare outside the window, wondering what there’s behind those snowed mountains. A unique experience of introspection.

The hour (and a little more) of length of Woodfall flows away so fast, as the images of a melancholic journey pass through with it. At the end, the track that most impressed me is Above The Clouds.
And well, what’s hiding above the clouds?

Now please, stop reading this shit. Close your eyes and enjoy this masterpiece.

01 – Part 1: Earthrise 9:24
02 – Part 2: Windswept 10:44
03 – Part 3: Arcanum 17:35
04 – Part 4: Above the Clouds 10:28
05 – Part 5: Serenade the Constellations 17:46

Nathanael Larochette: Classical Guitar
Raphael Weinroth-Browne:
Evan Runge: Violin


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