Musicians aren’t supposed to be paid

The title is clearly a sneaky provocation, but it does seem like the whole world is turning against musicians remuneration.

I don’t know why is this happening, and if it’s just an impression of mine, still everyone in the music environment is getting paid (which is fair) apart musicians (who probably want to be, but they aren’t). This unlucky category always seems to suffer from a lack of consideration by audience and other people in the music branch.
That being said, here’s what I think I noticed being in this environment for (only) 3 years or so.

In fact, in this short time gap I’ve been in touch with various pros and amateurs offering the most variegated services. From promotion to graphic design, passing through record deals of doubtful effectiveness. All of those people were looking for an earning, sometimes quite unjustified as well, so to speak.
But I’m not going to complain about whether or not those bidders were worth the expense, even if quite often they surely weren’t, being total newbies who just needed a huge amount of experience.
What I really can’t understand though, is why they all want to be remunerated when everyone in the world feels entitled to get music for free!

Please, you cannot really argue on this topic. It’s a matter of fact that people do love downloading music for free. Still it’s proved that either everyone else in the biz asks for money for their services.
Isn’t music a service either?
Maybe musicians are always the most unfortunate ones eventually!?

I don’t have any reply, actually. I just wanted share this thoughts with you and let you ponder about them.

Then ponder my friends, till next time.

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