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The following provides overly cheesy contents, so make sure to avoid it if you’re too macho to care. You can also point your finger and mock me, if you wish.

While I’m writing I’ve just finished listening to Dredg’s Catch Without Arms. I didn’t know them until this morning, though I’m still pretty unsure who the hell they are and what exact musical genre they play. Although I feel like I’ve known this music since long ago. Every single note, every solution or riff the guitars play sound familiar to my baffled ears. I may say I’ve felt bonded, and all happened in the glimpse of an eye. Eventually I now remember what it’s like to discover new music.
I mean LITERALLY discover. I’m no stranger to unenthusiastically spinning tons of records without actually catching anyone of them. I do know what it’s like. But if you ponder, you realize maybe it’s not your fault. Maybe not only yours. Probably not every record is good enough to move your heart and soul. But when that happens, dammit, it’s unbelievable!

This time I was pitched by my “fan-first/friend-after” Federico (which I’m grateful to) who suggested me, as usually happens, a couple of bands he thought I may enjoy. Brand New and Dredg he said. I had no clue about the music of both of them…but I gave them a try although I have an endless pile of albums waiting to be reviewed. -I’m deeply sorry if you reading this and you’re waiting for me to review your album, I’m truly ashamed of this injurious act-
What happened then? Well, you’ve just read what took place in me when I played Dredg and, for your own safety, I will not repeat myself.

That being said, I only, humbly wanted to share a beautiful feeling -and a wonderful record as well- as I’m sure you’ll understand me if you are as passionate as I am about music.
For that matters I also thought to a final reflection, and here we go. You should…wait, you MUST share music you love with people. Being them friends, acquaintances or strangers doesn’t matter. Sharing is everything about music. If you don’t share, how will anyone get to know about that amazing yet small act you’ve just fell in love with? If no one discovers it, then it may stop making music ‘cause no one seems to care. If he stops then it’s a serious shame! Don’t you think?
Also I -and I think my mate does too- imagined this blog as a (hopefully) big, grandiose way to share music with you and with anyone who does care about good music. Because, again, sharing is the essence of music.

Anyway, the better way to wrap up this “romantic” post I guess is sharing this. Enjoy folks!
-Matteo “Teo” Gruppi

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