Music Discoveries (November/December)

Hey folks, here we are again with my latest music discoveries. I’m sorry but I have to tell you that we have another black metal-oriented discoveries here…but with a little death metal intrusion.
Ok, let’s see what I discovered…

Agonie – Mammon [DEMO] (Germany, 2014)

d1 Agonie hails from the Lower Saxony (Germany) and, with their debut demo, they offer a classical sounding black metal record.
I hear many influences in their music, from the early ages of Norwegian black metal to some interesting influences from the almighty Swedish death metal scene.
Some sections of this demo remind me of Naglfar’s Vittra which can only be a great thing.
The vocals, in particular, are very Naglfar-like: harsh and high-pitched…and also pretty good.
The only weakness is that sometimes the production sounds even too raw, but c’mon, it’s a demo and we can go over this.
Stand-out track: Ignoranz, it seems to fly back to the golden age of black metal!


Miserere Luminis – Miserere Luminus (Canada, 2014)

This is an d2absolutely stunning atmospheric black metal album by members of both Gris and Sombres Forets.
We’re speaking of a superb collaboration here, and an awesomely crafted piece of music you really can’t miss, if you like black metal.
And of course, if you already know these two Canadian bands you can imagine that you cannot go wrong with this one for sure.
So take this album as a whole and let yourself get lost amongst the somber Canadian woods.


Unmoored – Indefinite Soul-Extension (Sweden, 2003)

This is a lost gd3em of melodic death metal made in Sweden.
Such great influences can be heard in this huge record. Influences like Opeth, Edge of Sanity and Pain of Salvation.
Definitely a must-have!
Stand-out track: Unspeakable Grief. A great sum up of what melodic death metal should be. Deep Growls, fat guitar riffing and powerful drums. And some clean choruses included here and there adding some extra taste.


Fen – The Malediction Fields (UK, 2009)

Fd4en are a huge act from the UK. They play a pretty unique kind of music which is supposed to mix progressive black metal with rock and folk elements.
While listening to their music I feel like I’m wandering into a misty wood, surrounded by cold and silence. Wonderful.
They have released 4 full length albums so far, but I’d surely suggest you to start with their first one, The Malediction Fields.
Stand-out track: Colossal Voids, a perfect example of what they can do musically.
Both clean and harsh vocals, aggressive distorted guitar riffs , mellow arpeggios and a bleak and slightly raw production are building up this track. What else can we ask for?



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