Music Discoveries (January/February)

Hey folks, here we are again with my latest discoveries.
This time, finally, it won’t be a black metal ruled month. Actually, as you will see, 2 metal and 2 electronic records are going to show up.
Hope you will enjoy these albums.

Omit – The Medusa Truth, Part 1 (Norway, 2014)

Nord1wegian melodic doom metal trio with a stunning angelic female voice.
This record is supposed to be the first of a series of two, hence “part 1” in the title.
The melodies are painful while the rhythms are slow, very slow as you would expect from a funeral doom record, but here the difference (compared to a classic doom record) is that the amazing vocals seem as wanting to ease these pains, just a little bit at least. Note that there’s no sign of deep growl singing at all.
Three long tracks offered here, and my favourite one is Distrust: an amazing and hypnotic sequence of slow paced riffs followed through by layers of cold strings and intense vocal. It will definitely break you from the inside.
Heavy, sad and melodic. Fully suggested.


Atavicus – Ad Maiora (Italy, 2014)

d2Folk metal combo from Italy, created from the ashes of Draugr.
Despite the Lo-Fi production of this debut EP, the quality of the compositions is surprisingly good and full of pathos.
The music is a nice cocktail of folk and black metal with a highly evocative singing.
Here the epic side of the songs is fundamental and the choice of Italian lyrics is very smart.
Standout track: Superbia In Proelio starts nice and well but it’s at the minute 4:15 that it turns grandiosely in an epic battle.


Solar Field – Movements (Sweden, 2009)

d3An amazing record from a huge artist. This is elite ambient music, with downtempo and IDM influences as well.
Solar Fields discography is quite impressive and each and every record has its own appeal, but I’d suggest to start listening with this album, Movements, simply sublime.
Standout track: well it’s hard to tell , but I’d pick Circles of Motion: which is the dreamy side of this record and Das Bungalow: the shiny side instead.


Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself (USA, 2009)

d4This is the ultimate IDM record, absolutely magnificent, but it sadly carries a sad story: in fact on of the two founder members died few days after the official album release.
I don’t have much to say about this one, to be honest. I just invite you to give it a listen, even if you’re a die-hard death metal fan, ‘cause this record it’s going to blow your mind off…and hopefully change your perspective on electronic music. (It’s what it did to me, at least).
Standout track: The Birds, an atmospheric and heartfelt crescendo of sensations, voices and stunning sounds… a never ending trip.

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