Music Discoveries (August/September)

Hello everyone, this is Teo and I’m going to introduce my latest music discoveries.
First of all I must admit that I’ve mainly listened to Black/Folk Metal through these months, so if you absolutely dislike those genres you could skip this article. But I’d recommend to take a look at it anyway, because I’m going to talk about some GREAT acts!
So let’s get started!

Skiddaw – Skiddaw EP (UK, 2014)
Classic Black Metal power duo from the UK, ok, and so?
Well, I bought their first demo/ep and it’s really cool, 4 tracks in total, aggressive, powerful and evil music but with a touch of melodic influences.
If you guys love classical sounding black metal, well you absolutely have to check them out.
Standout track: Skiddaw Towers, the darkest track of the album, and the vocals here will totally rip your throat off.



Myrkur – Myrkur (Denmark, 2014)
One-Woman black metal band from Scandinavia.
Yes, I said woman. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?
But I assure you that this album is definitely a must have.
Ethereal female vocals alternated with sharp guitars and harsh vocals a la Ulver.
You’re going to love this great piece of music.
Standout track: Nattens Barn, the a cappella intro will make you think you’re in heaven, but as the heaviest part starts you’ll finally realize that you’re actually in hell.



Falls Of Rauros –
The Light That Dwells In The Rotten Wood (USA, 2011)
I discovered this band with their split album with Panopticon. I searched for other stuff from them and I found their debut album. I was impressed by this huge record, and I still am when I listen to it.
Their music is unique, the only comparison that comes to my mind is with Agalloch, with a Weakling-esque voice, but it would be very risky anyway.
Album much recommended for true lovers of folk metal with great impressive melodies through it.
Standout track: well, it’s not easy to choose, but probably the best track on this record is Awaiting the Fire or Flood That Awakes It, a long piece of music that lasts more than 13 minutes. It takes just the intro to blow me away.
But also Silence it would be a good second choice.



Agalloch – Marrow of The Spirit (USA, 2010)
Obviously I already did know Agalloch, but I’ve never listen carefully to their works. Shame on me.
Amongst every record of their I found the one I like the most.
This is the true Agalloch masterpiece to me.
By the way, for the one who doesn’t know this great band their genre is not so easy to label because they mix many kinds of music such as folk, black metal, progressive rock and ambient.
My piece of advice: if you can’t choose, start with this one and you won’t regret it.
Standout track: the album as a whole. It’s really impossible for me to choose here, sorry.


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