Review: Mountains Crave – Mountains Crave (UK, 2014)

This record has been an incredible crescendo of emotions, in fact it took me a lot of listens to be enjoyed completely.
At first approach I was struck by both the first and the last tune.

The first one, Watcher By The Threshold, is a rather good ambient intro, with an interesting climax of sounds and sinister atmospheres.
The latest one, River, Breeze, Soil and Flame, is an excellent atmospheric black metal voyage that starts with a violin intro (yes, I said violin) and toughly evolves in a rough black metal struggle between sharp guitars and cutting vocals. And everything happens in less than 12 minutes, definitely the finest track on the EP.

And the middle tracks? Well, the more I listen to them the more I love them.
Usually I’m very instinctive whether to choose if an album (or a song) is good for me or not, but it wasn’t the case for this record. At each listen I found some new details to focus on. It’s like a puzzle, you know?! Every listen was like a missing piece, and only once I got all those pieces I could enjoy the whole figure…and damn it, that figure sounds cool!
We talked about figures…well, the cover art it’s amazing too. And thanks to a friend I realized that each time you look at this cover picture you see a different thing, just like what happens with the music.

But, my friends, just a little complain: The quality of the production could have been way more better than this. (I know, I know. Now you’re probably saying that I always complain about production quality – and you’re right, though 😉 – but I’m very sensible to this side of the music.) The overall sound is too muddy and the lower frequencies too boomy. With such a cool record I had imagined another kind of sound quality.

Oh sorry, I forgot: this band is from Leeds, UK. So we have another British act here.
Seems that our British friends have ruled the black metal scene in 2014 with a lot of quality records, so keep up the good work mates.
And cheers to Mountains Crave for this fine EP. Well done.


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