Meuchelmord – Apathie (Germany, 2015)


Here I am, sitting at my desk, with my PC in front of me. In the background I hear the sad notes of the latest (or I should say the first one of a new era) work of Meuchelmord. I have a blank “Word” page, and I’m supposed to write some crap trying to explain Apathie in (useless) words.

But as Seelenfrieden comes over, I have to stop writing. My mind just stops thinking and starts to cherish the “elegant” mournful void that the mid-section of the song brings. I’m kind of breathless, few instants and I feel the need to write again. The sorrow now leads my fingers on the keyboard as I am in a kinda catatonic sleep, and I can’t wake up…maybe I don’t want to wake up, really. As Meuchelmord goes on with his slow and cutting screams I find myself in misery another time. When Apathie kicks in the oppressive nebulous wall of depression is taking over me again. I think I’m breaking, and I’m yielding at this overly unbearable amount of sadness. And this feeling doesn’t leave me till the final painful scream of Regeneration. Do I feel regenerated?
I don’t know. I just feel numb, and alone with the uncontrollable urge of playing it all over again, and just “hurting” myself again with this amazing fatigue of the German one-man band.

In the previous lines I didn’t mention the music genre that this guy plays (but I think that you’re smart enough to work it out on yourself) neither I talked about production, composition, artwork and all those material stuff. I did that on purpose. This time I wanted to focus on EMOTIONS only, and when a record can really thrill me the way Apathie does, well, the job is nicely done for me. And at this point I don’t give a damn about poor production, singing language, songs length and blah-blah. Just push that fucking play button and you’ll understand!

Gute Arbeit Meuchelmord!


1. Einklang
2. Seelenfrieden
3. Jahr
4. Apathie
5. Regeneration

: Self-Released
Websites: Bandcamp  | Facebook
Release Date: 23rd August 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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