A Chat With Matheus Novaes (Erudite Stoner)

I’ve been intrigued by Brazilian guitarist, composer Matheus Novaes and his music creation since the very first time I hit play on the Media Player for spinning Erudite Stoner’s self-titled album. His warm, melodic and mysterious mix of acoustic guitars creates a unique brand of post-rock that struck me. The dreamy atmospheres are just the first thing you sense while listening to songs such as ‘Spiritual Deliverance’, ‘Far Away From City Walls’ or ‘Road to Somewhere’. But there is much more…

I had the great pleasure to meet Matheus, well, I virtually met him. Although I still had the chance to ask him some questions and help myself to draw a greater picture on what’s behind and beyond Erudite Stoner’s music.

Hello Matheus, welcome to The Somber Lane.
To get started I wanted to know what does the name ‘Erudite Stoner’ mean? And what does it mean to you?

They are two words with opposite meanings but that define well my music, I believe that I brought to my music characteristics of both sides, this mixture of styles and changes of behaviours and intensity.

Your debut, self-titled album is going quite well so far. And it has been beautifully accepted by almost every one. I noticed, that especially metal-heads are loving it. What is your magic trick to come out with such a good fit?

I believe to make a heavy sound, you do not necessarily need distortion or a lot of noise.
Expressing your feeling in music is more striking than a song with many effects but no message or nothing to add.


I was talking with a friend of mine about your record, and he said that your music reminds him a clear post-apocalyptic scenery. And once he pointed that out, I realised that the artwork was clearly referring to some sort of “after-humanity-world” too.
How do you think this topic actually relates to your music?

The Relation of Erudite  Stoner and the post-apocalyptic scenario is a metaphor with our inner world, our soul, in case the cover shows the character reflecting on that scenario, looking for a way to escape from that. My goal as a musician is to provide this, a moment of reflection and self-knowledge.

In the song ‘Far Away From The City Wall’ we can hear some children playing in the distance. That suddenly reminds me of Alcest’s ‘Souvenirs d’un autre monde’ album. Was it made to honour the French band somehow?

The idea of this song was to make possible a trip to a place far from our reality, to recover good memories, so that they remain always alive, so the choice of the sound of the children in the back, it is the old memory purest that a person may have.
I did not think about Alcest while I was composing, it was intuitive, I composed this song, after a trip to the countryside, to a mountain called “Pico do Gavião” in Minas Gerais, it was a really distant place and where I had enough peace of mind.

I believe that this song eternalized for me that day, I’ll always remember.

Since we’re on the subject. What are the main inspiration and influences for Erudite Stoner?

The main inspiration is on the classical guitar,  I always renewing my musical taste, Some musical styles come to  your life as you become mature but the erudite music was always been present in my life.

Out of music, I have been influenced by movies, books, games and moments.

Are you influenced at all by Brazilian folk music?

I don’t know, if Brazilian Folk is the exactly word to define my Brazilian influence on my music.

Heitor Villa Lobos is the most important Brazilian composer, I have a special affection for 12 studies for guitar and choros.
My favorite guitarists are Brazilian, The Duo Sergio and Eduardo Abreu and The Duo Sergio and Odair Assad.
Out of erudite music, I like Mutantes, Clube da Esquina.
Of course there are more Brazilian bands in other genres that I like but is impossible to mention all.

It’s gonna be a silly question, I know. But, why did you decided to go for an utterly acoustic album?

My intention when I created Erudite Stoner, which would be a more introspective project and had my essence, the acoustic guitar is the instrument that is always present with me, it is the instrument that touches my heart when I play, talk to my soul.

For me it’s the most organic way to make music.

What can we expect from the future of Erudite Stoner? Any chance we can see a physical version of your debut album popping out?

You can expect a new album, but I have no idea when it will be ready.
About the physical release, is something that I hope will come true soon, I want it to be something special and done in the right way.

Ok, we’re tired to talk about music. Aren’t we?
So, what Matheus Novaes does when he isn’t playing the guitar?

In my free time I like to listen to music and watch movies.

And we’re done. That was my last question. You can ask something to me now…
No seriously, thanks for being with us. It has been a pleasure.
If you want to add something, say “hi” to our readers or whatever else this is your space.

Thanks for the affection and the messages that I have received, I did some friendships that I would not have had opportunity to do if not for the music.

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