Matalobos – S/T (Mexico, 2015)

MatalobosEP Artwork

It’s funny how sometimes the best bands come from the most unexpected places. In fact you won’t believe that this muchachos are from Mexico. They offer a very European sound: heavy, icy and full of sorrow. Matalobos (“wolves killer” according to my dear friend Google translator) debut with this 3-track self-titled EP, proving that they definitely know what they’re doing, offering and unbelievable mix of doom, death and even a pinch of post-metal.

Songs smash your face off, they never grow boring, actually they will surprise you with continuous riff/speed changes. The listener is forced through moments of true cruelty, where the mammoth growls slowly slaughter flesh out; moments ruled by quiet, but slightly sinister classical guitar interludes (very Opeth-ish) and finally moments with and almost post-metal feel, add clean vocals here and there and you have Matalobos’ cocktail offered in their majestic debut EP.
Oh, and I forgot, the clean vocal department that brakes the deep growling lines is just as cool as all the other elements on this record.

I’m finally finding yet another album where it is so hard to pick up a true standout song, the 3 compositions are all equally beautiful in their own way. The Murderer is badass and powerful, featuring parts that remind me of early Insomnium and a sweet acoustic bridge. Black Stone Walls sounds slightly dissonant and mysterious, and it features the best growl performances of the entire record. The Immense Sea has a similar approach of the previous one but with a gentle post-metal reminiscence…and it ends so sadly. And I am so sad that Matalobos Ep is already ended. But it has been a fucking nice experience.

Hey Matalobos! You guys would better put out another (and possibly even greater) record, and do that as fast as possible, I’m here waiting for you!

1.The Murderer – 7:18
2.Black Stone Walls – 7:37
3.The Immense Sea – 8:55

Label: Inductive Oppression Records
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
Release Date: 13th April 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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