Listen to Marlon Chaplin & Sintja cover Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Christmas’

“And when those blue snowflakes start falling/That’s when those blue memories start calling”

Marlon and Sintja‘s rendition of the Christmas classic “Blue Christmas” is rich with emotionally charged, sultry harmonies and perfectly encapsulates the underlying heartbreak of a song about unrequited love and being alone at Christmas. “Blue Christmas” was written by Billy Hayes/Jay W. Johnson and performed by Elvis Presley.

Marlon has recorded the track as a demo to both celebrate the season and to thank fans and media for their support of his music over the past year. In fact, the year began with the release of his debut EP ‘Wanderer By Trade‘ (May 22). And also saw the release of two new singles “Annabelle + Someone” (October 07) and “Fossils” (November 07) -which we have reviewed some time ago, over here:

As it is a demo, the song will be exclusively available for listening on Soundcloud and Youtube and will not be available for public purchase. It may be formally recorded and officially released in the future.

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