Lothlöryen – Principles of A Past Tomorrow (Brazil, 2015)


Listening to this one, without knowing anything about the band, no one would probably guess that these guys are from Brazil. In fact Lothlöryen come from the land of samba with an explosive mix of folk, prog and heavy metal. This 6-piece act appears to have quite a huge discography on their back catalogue, as they try to go indie, for the first time, with Principles of A Past Tomorrow.

The artwork does its job properly, hooking up and teasing you well. Making you wonder to know what the hell is Albert Einstein doing, with Stephen Hawking and a lot of other famous (creepy) guys, standing at that pyre.
Ok, well, I don’t know…I should ask him (Einstein I mean). But let’s go over now.

My first impression was that these guys sounded much like Blind Guardian, but yes, it was just the first impression. I understood afterwards that influences, and similarities, come in many other ways. Of course I heard some Dream Theater scent, on the clean parts and ballads. And well, I heard Angra too. But to be honest, I don’t know if this was real of I was influenced by the fact they’re Brazilian.
First of all, let me say that this record stands out for the incredibly high quality of the production, which will make your listening experience quite enjoyable. Each instrument sounds natural and well placed. There’s nothing worse in the world than a progressive metal album with crappy production, it would just sound dumb.

Starting from the end of the record we encounter Wavery Time, a neat dreamy ballad. One of the tracks I enjoyed the most for its simplicity and effectiveness. Also the Quest Is On really met my expectations. With another clean as well as mid-paced intro, the tune quickly turns into a nice prog heavy metal number. In the vocal lines I can taste some Alter Bridge’s reminiscences, and this only adds some extra taste.
And so, between fast and technical guitar solos, engaging vocals and keyboards melodies we find (my) best track of this collection: Time Will Tell. In this number I feel a sort of a medieval-like approach in leads and melodies, an approach that stands for the entire record to be honest, but here it is stronger than anywhere else on Principles of A Past Tomorrow.
It’s very hard to find something bad in this record:
-musical performances: good
-production: good
-song writing: good
-artwork: good
So, yes, I wouldn’t know anything shitty to say about Lothlöryen.
The album hits since the first play, and since its first song, and you’d probably find yourself whistle around some of the album’s tunes, more sooner than later.

Principles of A Past Tomorrow is definitely a catchy and enjoyable record, I fear that (for its great catchiness) someone could grow to dislike it quite fast, but honestly, who knows? Only Time Will Tell

1 – …a Journey Begins
2 – Heretic Chang
3 – God is Many
4 – Time Will Tell
5 – Manipulative Waves
6 – Night is Calling
7 – And Dowland Plays
8 – The Convict
9 – The Quest is On
10 – Who Made the Maker?
11 – The Law and the Insider
12 – Wavery Time

Label: Self-Released
Websites: Facebook  | Website
Release Date: 30th June 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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