LEAVING PASSENGER Release New Ep “When it’s Done”

LEAVING PASSENGER is a brand new alternative rock band from paris and consists of vocalist julien, guitarist pc, bassist jumar and drummer vince.
After some rehearsals of writing their first songs, the band decided to hit the recording studio. This time, leaving passenger’s project is ready to share it’s art.

The band evolves in an anglo saxon sound and gets his inspirations from great alternative bands like Incubus, Hoobastank, Breaking benjamin, Three days grace and more. Thoses influences can be heard as a combination of powerful riff and melodic ambiant although imposing it’s own style.

They areabout to release it’s first debut EP (6 tracks) “When it’s Done”expected for october 2016. Meanwhile, the four musicians keep playing at concerts nearby paris essentially to develop their fan base and their influence on the social network.

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