Ethereal Black Metal #2 – Kalmankantaja

Kalmankantaja which translates as Deathbearer are a band I have crossed paths with many times in the past but for whatever reason I never gave them enough attention or a focused listen, until now. Maybe it was something to do with the DSBM tag the band get labeled with, a subgenre that rarely does much to interest me if I am honest.

Forming as recently as 2011 the band have already quite an impressive amount of releases in their discography, with Waldeninsamkeit being their ninth studio album. The record begins with an ambient intro setting the tone perfectly for what was about to come. As soon as the guitars and drums kicked in all my thoughts of DSBM were now a distant memory as I was greeted with some wonderful atmospheric black metal. The tracks are all of a similar manor, mid tempo, hypnotic and trancelike but with enough variety to keep the listener interested, done in a similar fashion to what Varg was doing with Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem. The last and title track Waldeninsamkeit is an ambient only piece and having a great passion for such tracks this one did not quite grab me as much as I would have liked in the beginning, though with repeat listens I have warmed to it much more.

With a smooth and clear production sole member Grim has crafted an excellent album, one which I hope will garner him more attention in the genre. They have recently become a three piece with the addition of V-Khorz on drums and Tyrant on vocals and are already on the verge of releasing their next studio album in April which is quite impressive considering all members are involved in other bands.

Second track Maailmakaski is my personal favourite, check it out at the link below.
A rewarding listen highly recommended to fans of the atmospheric genre.

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