Review: Jose Macario – Mutant C EP (Mexico, 2016)

You probably have heard of Jose Macario yet for his 8-string fingerstyle prowess (and if not, please let me advise you to search for his stuff).
But, you know, a creative mind is never on halt. So, this time around Jose probably woke up thinking “what about some fretless death metal?”. As always, what can I say apart from “well, why the f**k not!”.

So here you have his latest work Mutant C, a condensed EP of 6-string extreme fretlessness.
The sinister opening riff of the intro “El Final” (Duh! Well, you’ll see the reason behind this name later on) is quite traditional, but soon the fretless solo overdubs bring us south amongst shrieking microtonal lamentations.
Then the squiggly riffage starts off with the title track “Mutant C”. I’d say riffs per se are quite old-school but the fretless-ness brings a whole new flavor to their perception.
While I’d call “Simbiosis” the straightforward chugger of the bunch, I could say 6.0 would be my standout track, being probably the wackiest one both rhythmically and melodically speaking. No sure of what’s going on (but that’s the beauty of weird stuff, right?), in my opinion either the tuning is some kind of weird drop, or there are 8-string overdubs here.
“Hombre Maquina”’s mechanical feel gives me a Meshuggah vibe before closing up the EP in a cyclical way, with the reprise of “El Final”. See? Gotcha!

Well, what else to say, it was fun! Nice work, Jose.
Not a mind-blower and far from the modern atonal\dissonant masterpieces, but definitely a fun listen if you like to sprinkle a bit of weirdness on your usual death metal recipe.
Below there’s a play-through teaser for you to see, and the EP is available for free download at the link inside this full stream video.

Label: Self-released
Links: Facebook | YouTube
Release Date: March 17, 2016
Reviewed by Rizzo

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