Isenmor – Land of The Setting Sun (USA, 2015)


While looking at this amazing cover, my mind easily ran back to the golden ages of Bathory. I mean, not the satanic black metal years of course, but the ones they were claiming their northern heritage and (let’s say it together) forged the almighty genre called Folk Metal. So what I expected here was an intense evidence of rock-solid folk/epic metal. Isenmor didn’t disappoint my expectations. Besides the beautiful cover, these fellas from Maryland, USA, sound really good. Don’t expect anything too complex or elaborate, just 5 solid tracks of folk/Viking metal that will surely get inside your head.

The most enjoyable element of this entire EP is the epic aura that lingers all over the place. Tracks like So Willingly Deceived and Pyre are two exquisite examples of what I’m saying. Repetitive melodies will really catch you prisoner, while outstanding violin (or should I say fiddle?) solos will give you the final lashing and you will be forced to fall in love with Isenmor’s work.
Unfortunately, the sameness of the songs is a bit of a shame, I didn’t care too much in a slight EP as this one, but I fear that it could have been a real issue if this work was longer. But since they recorded an EP, I could have kept my mouth shut and say nothing at all!

I really appreciated the violins’ team work. Because, yes, we have two violinists here and the mix of the two sounds cool. The opening riff of Land of The Setting Sun (also the best track on this collection) is a killer violin-intro. This track also contains a splendid vocal exhibition: so badass! This song is so catchy and engaging, while it gives a cool sense of freedom.
I can’t say I really enjoyed the second vocal, instead, which lead sings on So Willingly Deceived, for example (even if this track turned out to be the 2nd one I mostly appreciated). It sounds very medieval-esque but I felt like it was…off-key!?

Isenmor’s official debut sounds better if accompanied with an ice cold beer, and if you could stand upon a dragon-faced boat it’ll sound even better, maybe you couldn’t have this latest option, in this case go only with the beer and let Isenmor do the talking.



1. Death Is a Fine Companion
2. Pyre
3. Land of the Setting Sun
4. So Willingly Deceived
5. The Old Mead Hall

: Self-Released
Websites: Facebook| Bandcamp
Release Date: 3rd July 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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