Ignotum – Larvas Mortal God (Italy, 2014) by Rizzo

are a Death\Black metal band from Como (Lombardia, Italy) born in 2011.
“Larvas Mortal God”, released in 2014 through Mentalchemy Records, is their first LP and their overall second published work.
The album is a well-crafted and played Death metal record, with plenty of tremolo lines, guitar harmonies, and an overall melodic approach reminiscent of iconic melodic DM bands.
The vocal department effortlessly switches from growls to screams, maintaining a “mid” vocal tone that I always enjoyed in the extreme realm, as it both preserves the aggressiveness of the vocals and the intelligibility of the lyrics.
In addition, I’m glad the bass can be heard in the mix!
I found “The Circle’s Kiss” to be the most energetic track and “Abyss You Shine” coupled with “In Skinless Dream” to be the -let’s say- proggiest ones, arrangement-wise. I then particularly appreciated “Mary L” for its dynamics and variety, as it brings a quite dreamy clean break to the table.

1 – Through Madness Reminiscence
2 – Soul’s Self Mutilation
3 – Inhale The Void
4 – The Circles’ Kiss
5 – Mary L.
6 – Abyss, You Shine
7 – In Skinless Dream
8 – Hecatomb Memories
9 – Clown With Crown


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