Hunter Chimera – Orizzonti (Italy, 2014) by Rizzo


Hunter Chimera, rock band from the province of Mantua, Italy, are as humble as they can be.
You won’t find complex songs, flamboyant solos or pretentious lyrics in their DIY debut EP “Orizzonti” (released 2013) but just seven rock tracks with a distinct punk feel, especially in the vocal department. No frills.
The songwriting is simple and straightforward as well as the playing. The production is definitely DIY, so I can’t complain about that!
I really appreciated the choice of Italian lyrics. These days, it’s hard not to conform to the trend of English lyrics for an emergent rock band. It is still very important however to appreciate and take benefit of the beauty of one’s mother tongue and the power of its words and semantics, in my opinion. The lyrics are mainly dealing with hope, self-empowerment and life choices.
Even though the pace of this EP is about always the same, I’d choose “Turbolenze” as my standout track. It felt the most dynamic to me, and the occasional rapping sections bring an original touch.
All I can say is that Hunter Chimera is definitely a brave rock band, going for the DIY route and proudly valorizing their mother tongue. I hope they’ll keep rocking!


  1. Errori Temporali
  2. Ora
  3. Uno Sguardo Al Cielo
  4. Scorre Incerto
  5. Restare In Forse
  6. Finzione
  7. Turbolenze



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