How to Make My Day

I don’t know if this happens to you sometimes as well. But in the latest bunch of days I was feeling pretty bad. You know, bad mood, bad sleep and that awful feeling of discomfort that stays with you all day long. Well, I know it happens from time to time and I know how to face it … yeah, well. Let’s say I do.

This morning has been critical. I woke up even more tired than the night before, when I went to bed. I really did not want to go to work, but unfortunately I had to. Of course my mood was still clearly bad, and I guess my colleagues noticed it [haha]. The only -little- relief I had was listening to some music on The Spotify.  I had created this silly compilation on it, called “Lavoro cazzuto” -which translates in English with “bad-ass work”-. As you may imagine I’m used to listen to that “mixtape” while working on machine tools, at my workplace. Thus, today I went for it, when I suddenly realised I wasn’t in the right mood for that stupid compilation -which features mainly easy-listening rock and pop stuff. Hence, I started browsing the service for a collection that suited better my emotions. I found “Depressive Rock/Metal … or something”. Pretty sweet, huh!?

I listened to it all morning long. It was fine. Nice tunes, sad mood and everything kept on rolling that way. Until … Cassie‘s White Waves kicked in. Eventually I forgot about working and focused on that tune. An authentic flash before my eyes! It kinda reminded me of Sigur Ros, but today it was better. I felt a chill running down my back. This -almost- unknown band had amazing melodies, huge and dreamy atmospheres and above all a spectacular lady-vocalist. Everything is perfectly amalgamated in an airy, metal-tinged post rock cocktail.

From that moment on, my mood changed. It’s hard to tell what happened exactly, still my day was slightly -a bit more than that actually- better, plus I had discovered a fantastic new act. If this isn’t what the power of music is all about then I don’t know anything anymore.

… and a the end of the story, I can’t help but sharing with your this huge song! (and please, make sure to check out the rest of Cassie‘s discography)

To better days…

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