Happy Birthday To Us!

Although I feel embarrassed of doing this kind of post you’ve probably understood that I also like it a lot.

And I would have never missed this very situation. Because two years of The Somber Lane blog are so important. Aren’t so for you? Well, they sure are for us…and you do care about us, cute little boys, don’t you?

Two years ago, exactly on October, the 27th 2014 we launched our very first post on TSL. A lot of time has passed from that humid, lonesome day of autumn but we still have no idea how to write properly on a music blog. And this thing won’t change anytime soon. Also our spirit and goals aren’t going to change as we still firmly believe -even more than before- in what we said on our first day as bloggers:
Why The Somber Lane?
“The blog will primarily focus on music […] We will discuss the music industry’s situation and try to help artist that are willing to get in as indies.
So that’s our goal: bringing visibility to the upcoming artists who deserve it. And we personally think anyone deserves it, as quality will then speak for itself!”

And hell, that’s what we do! And we’re gonna hit this road as long as we can. Music is our life and we’ll do everything we can to help and spread the word about artists and bands that truly deserve it!

Thank you everyone for keeping on supporting us in return, and giving us life-force for fueling up this project of ours.
Also you should stay alert for some big, big news coming soon. You’ll see The Somber Lane getting juicier and prettier than ever. 😉
And finally, wish everyone a pleasant stay here at TSL and hope you like our work.

Be well
Teo & Rizzo

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