GUYTANO Premieres “Send Me Something” via PURE GRAIN AUDIO

November 21, 2016: In their second single premiere, Minnesota’s GUYTANO have just unveiled “Send Me Something” via PURE GRAIN AUDIO

““Send Me Something” comes out of a place of searching for things that are real. As the song was coming to life it felt like a musical flood. It was as though the music just seemed to pour out of the piano along with imagery of truth and fiction. I think we can all relate to the longing for relief and resolution at some level in our lives as we try to find out what is make believe.” -Grant Hamilton, Guytano

“Send Me Something” follows “Fall Back In Your Arms” as the second single off Guytano’s December 9th debut, I Am Inside My Body.

Made up of brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton, along with Jack Hebert and Isaac Hesse, Guytano harnesses the sounds of acts like Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Fray, and The Killers. The band took to the studio last year to record ‘I Am Inside My Body’, recorded with Aaron Ankrum (Grayshot), and mastered by Huntley Miller (Bon Iver).

“We recorded three songs in Mid-2015 and then new material just started flowing out of us, so we decided to hold off releasing an EP and add an additional seven songs to make it a full-length album. In the end, we had an amazing time writing and recording this. What could be better than hanging out with your best friends, playing music until 3am, sleeping on the floor, and eating cold pizza! It was just complete good vibes.”

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