Godhole VS Crozier – Anthrophobia \ CrozierChrist (UK, 2015)


Jamie from Godhole likes to keep himself busy and by May he’s been announcing a future new release. A collaborative one.
Dissatisfied with the recent Full of Hell\Merzbow collab, he said he would have tried to recreate what in his mind was a rightly intense noise-grind album.
So here we have Godhole’s collaboration with electro-noise artist Derek Crozier, active in a number of projects behind as many monikers.
Anthrophobia, released November 6, is then the band’s second effort.
The album should have contained a noise-only side, which then resolved to be released as the accompanying EP CrozierChrist. I’ll review the two sides back to back.

Disclaimer: I don’t advise listening to this record if you like to breathe. Oh wait.
Well, this work will hit like a really flashy punch to the stomach: not much time to think or react, just dive into the chaos and embrace it. Bang your head and enjoy the noise until it lasts.

Accounting for about 7 minutes for a total of 7 tracks, Anthrophobia will probably be done rupturing your eardrums before you can finish the sentence “wow, intense!”.
The absence of any gap in-between tracks helps achieving this frantic sensation.

Blasts, fast D-beats, heavy breaks and electronic harshness is what you’ll find! At this point you’ll be like “you don’t say?!”. Whatever.
Even though I find quite unnecessary to describe such an impact-based album, I’ll go on with my standout tracks nonetheless, as usual.

“I Built My Own Burning Stake, No One Came To Watch Me Die” brings a trippy, warbly kinda out-of-tune-like theme to the song, on top of an enjoyable drum groove. That is in the background, and for a handful of seconds before the song blows up in full-blast mode obviously (Ha! Blast! Saw what I did there?). Also, I like the title. That type of intense\spiteful punk imagery always gets me somehow.
I also love the ending bit of “Living A Quiet Death”. That blend of electro noise and (I guess) guitar effects and pick scratches in the breakdown reminds me of that Gorguts\Gojira cliché you probably can recall right off at the moment. Hey, heavy isn’t it.
The closing and title track “Anthrophobia” has a more standard-like length, of almost 3 minutes.
I would define it as the sludgy track in there, if compared to the flashiness of the rest of the bunch. The spoken words in the background build up a nice atmosphere.


As for CrozierChrist, the EP is made up by 3 entirely noise tracks, built upon as many poems.
In Jamie’s words: “each track is built to illustrate a text. First, ‘The Genius Of The Crowd’ by Bukowski then ‘A letter to my fellow countrymen’ by John Osborne.
The opening piece starts off with rumbling noise that seems to be fighting against breaking out into all out chaos. The familiar voice of Bukowski begins to recite the poem but his voice is strained and distorted into daemonic utterings. As the poem reaches its crescendo the noise is fully unleashed on the listener with absolutely barbaric force. Bukowski breaks through the wall of sound until the the poem reaches completion and the noise tears and lets go its final breath.
‘To my fellow countrymen’ swells up with feedback and Jamie Christ recites the open letter written by John Osborne in 1961 expressing his disgust at the government of the UK. Who at the time were taking the country apart piece by piece for their own shallow gain and leaving it in tatters for the common man. A theme all to familiar today. As Jamie’s voice becomes more and more inflamed, so too does the feedback and noise which begins to swirl out of control until it fully engulfs the vocals and pure bitter hatred takes over.
The third track is called ‘The End Of Prose’, a pure harsh noise track symbolizing that ultimately, our words mean nothing.”

Wrapping up, I can definitely say nice try Godhole! No compromises and enough efforts in experimentation.
As for the past self-titled release, I hope to see the guys persevering in newer kinds of explorations. Keep the good work up!




  1. Human Race To Destroy Itself
  2. As In Beast, So In Man
  3. Punks Is Plagiarism
  4. Living A Quiet Death
  5. I Built My Own Burning Stake, No One Came To Watch Me Die
  6. The Ape
  7. Anthrophobia


  1. Bukowski Would Have Hated You
  2. To My Fellow Countrymen
  3. The End Of Prose

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Release Dates
Anthrophobia: 06 November 2015
CrozierChrist: 27 July 2015

Reviewed by Rizzo

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