Goatchrist – The Epic Tragedy Of The Cult Of Enlil (UK, 2015) by Teo


Goatchrist delivered a rather good form of blackened death metal in his first official release (after the debut demo She Who Holds the Scrying Mirror) entitled The Epic Tragedy Of The Cult Of Enlil.

The concept that stands behind this interesting EP is based on a Sumerian folklore myth. (“a trio of sorcerers in ancient Sumer who are summoned to the temple of the god Enlil, who informs them that his Tablet of Destinies has been stolen by the Anzû bird.”)

So now you know what the lyrics are about, but you don’t know anything about the music, do you!?
Ok, so let me tell you something….

…the music is a furious assault of death/black metal, with sharp and chainsaw-style riffs and sick vocals. The whole production is good (even if it could be improved in several parts) and the composition are a way too good for a seventeen. Yes, he’s only seventeen, quite impressive isn’t?

The album kicks in with a magnificent and disturbing intro, built on a sinister organ melody and adorned with distorted noises. Absolutely a grand starting (to be honest this is the track I liked the most, but you know, I have a soft spot for sinister atmospheres).

Probably the song (beside the intro) I enjoyed the most is The Great Battle at the Ruins of Ninurta’s Temple with its amazing growls. Possibly the best vocal performance of the entire EP.
The guitar riffing is good and pretty solid as it reminds me a lot of the early Swedish death/black metal style.

If I had to make a complain about this one I’ve to say that while the production is good the drum isn’t so. In fact it sounds too smooth and weak every so often…an issue that has to be fixed and the overall product will be a way more rich and interesting.

In conclusion this album is definitely neat, even more if we think that this guy is only 17. Now try to imagine what this young man could do in, let’s say 2-3 years if he keeps up such good work…we’ll only have to wait and see what come next from Goatchrist.
For the moment I can only say: “Well done man, and good luck!”.

01 – Introduction
02 – The Triumvirate’s Flight to Nippur
03 – A Message Blows East on Sumerian Winds
04 – Plaguewood
05 – The Great Battle at the Ruins of Ninurta’s Temple
06 – Enki
(The Ascendance of the Three to the Immortal Seats)
including a) Anu and b) Eternal Revitalisation
07 – Epilogue


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