Giorgieness – Noianess EP (Italy, 2013) by Rizzo


Giorgieness are an Italian rock trio, active since 2011. “Noianess” is their debut EP, released in May 2013.
Their sound could remind that of a grunge band, since a certain amount of dynamics is always present in the arrangements, and the grunge-y formula “quiet verse, intense chorus” is noticeable.
The EP is very short, though enjoyable. Here we have 4 songs with Italian lyrics, mainly dealing with everyday life, feelings of yearning and nostalgia.
While the instrumentals are really straightforward, the vocal department proves the talent of guitarist Giorgia, the front-lady, who provides spot-on warm, expressive vocals which often break up into yelling in the most intense moments.
The occasional spoken words and symbolic lyrics remind me of the modern day independent rock scene in Italy.
My standout track would probably be Lampadari, a sad ballad about the remembrance of a past love. It is a relaxing track, with distant acoustic guitars and soothing vocals, which finally builds up in an emotional breakdown.
Have a quick listen to these talented guys below, hope they keep it up!


  1. Sai Parlare
  2. Magari Sta Sera
  3. Lampadari
  4. Brividi\Lividi


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