Galactic Pegasus Releases ‘Phantom of The Hill’

Galactic Pegasus’ latest effort, Phantom of the Hill, has been released by Famined Records couple of days ago, on November 18th.

The carefully planned and long-awaited album was crafted by the band in the past two years and is the culmination of everything the quintet has learned with the past releases and has been influenced by. Any fan of Northlane, Volumes or even After The Burial is bound to find something to sink their teeth into. If you’re on the hunt for something hectic and heavy while being spacious and subtle all in one, it turns out there’s no need to hunt at all—because the Phantom of the Hill is coming for you (Welsh, 2016).

Vocalist Andrew Hockley shared the following with us:

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally release this album. From a creative standpoint, every one of us had a large portion in the writing contributions. Both lyrically and musically we hope to connect with new listeners out there, as well as stay connected with our existing fans who have stuck with us all for the past three years. Phantom Of The Hill is our flagship creation. Thank you to all who made this possible. Now don’t wait! Go check out Phantom of the HIll Now!

STREAM NOW THE FULL STUFF at Famined Records’ Official YouTube page!

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