Gaijin – ‘Self titled’ EP (India, 2015)


Gaijin are from Mumbai in India. But with Canadian producer Pierre Remillard on board, you wouldn’t believe it. The three tracks are on this EP are more for the musicians out there, than your average music fan, like myself. But that doesn’t stop me admiring the jaw-dropping musicianship displayed throughout.

This is going to get lumped in with Death Metal, because of the (underused) vocals. Which to be honest, are buried just a little too low in the mix, but I expect that’s because the music is the star of the show here.

And it’s the music that I wouldn’t describe as Death Metal. It’s very technical, not too flashy. It’s all of a very high standard and it most definitely dominates proceedings here, from the uber-technical flow of the guitars to the very busy, almost jazz-like drumming. If you want to split hairs, this is Technical / Progressive Metal. It lacks the crunch (for me) to be called Death Metal.

So, for those of you that like to admire other musicians and the more elaborate forms of Metal, this is most definitely for you. Those that like the more basic forms of Metal, then you’re not going to find much solace in this finely crafted beast.




  1. Dead Planet
  2. Meiosis
  3. Anamnesis

Label: Transcending Obscurity
Websites: Label | Band
Release Date: November 7th 2015
Reviewed by Steve

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