Review: Funeral Moth – Transience (Japan, 2016)

I got this promo lingering in the inbox for a bunch of days before I finally decided to open it up.
Never heard of Funeral Moth before, and the label “Doom metal” never gets me excited. After we received the promo again, I thought that was quite stressing. But this time around the genre-label suddenly changed into “Funeral Doom Metal”…which was so irresistible to me!
But I would have never thought I was going to discover the best album of 2016, and also probably amongst my all-time favorite records of this crushing sub-genre.

Not much time after that, I understood it has been released by Weird Truth Productions. And again, little later I realised that Funeral Moth is the twisted creature of the label’s owner, Makoto Fujishima.
In case you missed something, WTP is that “bloody” label which released that fucking amazing masterpiece named The Monad of Creation by Mournful Congregation! Doesn’t it ring any bell?
Now you must know I definitely worship MC, so being under the banner of this label, and it actually being the label, that means outstanding quality.
But hell! My expectations have been wrecked by Transience.
It’s unique in the funeral doom circle. It’d be perfect as ambient record, if it wasn’t for the disturbing vocals. It may be post-rock if it was faster. But sure thing, it is stunning.
It’s divided in two tracks. The first one we encounter is also the title-track, let’s call it the odd one. A dense knot of weaves of both distorted and clean guitars lays the background for this 22-minute epic to grown and live. Transience is calm and peaceful in a huge disturbing way. Almost creepy. As a slow march towards a closure still unknown.
Personally it makes me feel like I’m floating into nothingness, lost and forlorn. In a void sea where there isn’t any sound, any noise or any other life form. Fear and happiness don’t exist in here, as well as life and death don’t belong. Just an infinite horizon of emptiness where you can linger for the eternity of time.

Lost instead returns to Earth, maybe. It’s more canonical, no doubt. But that aura of sublime alienation remains with this second yet last track. But Funeral Moth dropped the ace here, with a behemoth tune that brings Funeral Doom metal to a new level.
Vocals become more aggressive, raw and miserable. Guitars, bass and drums start to hit harder drawing few divine moments. We can’t count many riffs here, but the few present are just remarkable. The closing one, for example, it’s fu**ing easy, but yet so effective and profound. Terrific!
This song is also embellished by gentle blows of drums, and the bass guitar that still works on the deep specter to bear the whole imagery of deprivation.

And yet after 39 turns of the clock I arrived at the end. It seems like I lived in another dimension all along during the time the album was spinning. But the return to reality is sick, and made me realize how pitiful and worthless our human condition is.
Still at the very end of this sorrowful journey, I just have to clap my hands to this perfect album.

Label: Weird Truth Productions
Websites: Facebook| Bandcamp
Release Date: 13th March 2016
Reviewed by Teo

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