Time Machine Review: Falgar – La Dama Del Alba (Puerto Rico, 2013)

If this artwork recalls Burzum, well, you want to listen to the music then….

Falgar is a one-man act from Puerto Rico, leaded by the mastermind Etienne Goldberg Santini. He has been active under this moniker since 2007. And despite the fact I had never heard of it before La Dama Del Alba struck me down. (Thanks Iconoclasta for suggesting me this one!)

As I mentioned above, this record smells of Burzum from its first to its last note. But it has its own unique soul luckily. Oh, of course I meant the early compositions of Varg Vikernes, before his neofolk breakdown. However if you will have the patience to spread your knowledge about Falgar‘s discography I think you’re going to be quite surprised.
But let’s go back to La Dama Del Alba to give it a closer look. This records delivers an overly distorted collection of hypnotic tunes, plus a synth-ambient intro and outro.
The harsh yet processed screams are alternated to distant clean dirges. The guitars are upfront, compressed and insanely fuzzed. Even though they are still able to sew beautiful yet simple riffs: catchy and somehow so mysterious.
If you like fast and dogged metal this is definitely not your cup of tea. But if you love, instead, to fall deeper and deeper in a catatonic sleep of mesmerizing raw sounds…just play it!

You really want to take this as a whole. It only lasts for 40 minutes shy after all. In the case you’re in hurry you need to play the title track, Renacimiento and the ambient-instrumental outro (Artemisia). After those I’m sure you’ll want to listen to it from top to bottom.

Label: Nebular Winter Productions / Myrkr / Kunsthauch
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
Release Date: 15th April 2013
Reviewed by Teo

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