Facebook Likes Vs Real Engagement


I know, having a thousand likes Facebook page looks quite appealing to everyone. But if you’re looking for more, something beyond that simple (and sometimes useless) huge amount of page likes, maybe you should go on and read this one. 

I’m writing this piece to explain better and to integrate with the previous article “Spam Promotion is not good”. In that one I talked about a funny guy who was asking repeatedly to like his god damned Facebook page. That time I said that what he was up to was basically useless. While in today’s article I’m gonna explain the reasons behind that statement of mine. So, silence please and let’s dig in.

Spamming is basically making someone support your product by keeping on bombarding him with it. Like that Russian company that keeps on spamming your own email inbox with daily mails about Viagra pills discounts, someone who promotes his own brand with a spamming tactic is actually doing the same thing. Do you like receiving those boring emails? Exactly, so do you think people will enjoy hundreds of invitations to your band page and events if they don’t even care about your god damn music!?

You can work out the dddreply yourself. If you replied yes, well, stop reading this shit and hurry up cause you’re wasting some precious time you can use to invite all the world to your page.  If your reply was no, and I hope it was, maybe you’re getting what I’m saying.

Try and think this way. Maybe spamming around your fancy page will gain you a lot of likes eventually, but really, how many of them have actually an active role in it? I mean, will they share and like your posts? Will they support you financially or by spreading your word out, also in the “real” world? If they will not, then they are pretty useless. This could sound cynical but it is just how it works.

Not to mention that a lot of inactive fans could even make things worse. In fact, because of the Facebook creepy reach politics, while trying to reach out to your active audience your post will inevitably be shown to a lot of people who don’t give a fuck about it. That’s why you often see thousands-likes pages with just very few thumbs up on their posts.

To sum up everything you should follow this simple rule: a huge number of page likes are useful only if the people behind those likes are actually engaged with what you do. If they’re not, you are basically WASTING YOUR TIME in raising them.


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