Bulgarian metallers Eufobia release “Eufobia”

Eufobia is a Bulgarian underground metal band from the city of Sofia. The name of the band is of ancient Greek origin and it literally means “fear of good”. The band was founded by Niki (Guitar & Vocals) and a couple of friends Steff (Bass & Vocals) and Blago (Drums). They invited later their friend Ivan (Guitar) to join the band and since then no band member has ever been replaced.

The album is called simply Eufobia.
It was mixed by P.Bratanov in Pepinio Records Studio. The recording was done by D.Velchev in Desound Studio.  The artwork, the videos of the songs “Hater” and “Liquid of Creation”, as well as the whole visual concept were created by the Bulgarian graphic designer Val Volegna.

The first album of Eufobia, called “Insemination”, was released in January 2010 by the Romanian label AxaValaha Productions. The record was produced by one of the best Bulgarian producers  D.Velchev in Stain Studio.
The artwork was created by one of the most famous Eastern European graphic designers C.Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media.
The biggest Bulgarian distributor of rock and metal music Wizard LTD took the local distribution in the country, while the north american company Sevared Records took the distribution it the U.S.A. Two videos were shot. The video of the song “Pissing Squad” was directed by B.Karamfilov and the video of the song “Justine” by A.Stojanov.

At the beginning of the following year 2011 the boys were ready to release their second album “Cup of Mud”.
Once again the album was produced by D.Velchev and the artwork was done by C.Chioreanu.  For this release the band inked a deal with Wizard LTD,  the Bulgarian company known for its partnership with almost every single major metal label or distributor in the world. One of the biggest distributors of metal music, the German company Twilight Vertrieb, took the worldwide distribution of the album. The videos of the songs “Cruel Child”, “Frog” and “Violin”were made by B.Karamfilov, while those of the songs”Maligna” and “Rain of Snails” by A.Stojanov.

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