Review: Emanuele De Raymondi – Exul (Italy, 2016)

I know what you folks are thinking. We don’t cover as much music from Italy as we should. We’re hypocrite dumbasses indeed. Just as every other fellow citizen we prefer to look outside the border. –It’s stupid, I admit that. Still, I can’t help it. It is entrenched in our DNA
Anyhow, sometimes you get to know records which cannot be ignored. Emanuele De Raymondi’s Exul is one of those.

Italian composer, based in Rome, Signor Emanuele created, over the years, some delightful opuses such as the collaborative album with Turkish clarinet virtuoso Oguz BuyukberberBuyukberber Variations– or Ultimo Domicilio. Album that results as a sonar-interpretation of photographer Lorenzo Castore’s work. Now, on the 2nd of December 2016 to be precise, De Raymondi will release his brand new EP, Exul, due out via ZEROKILLED Music. I had the great pleasure to have this record premiered for crafting a lovely review for your insatiable music hunger.

I don’t mean to keep you hanging, so yeah. This one is good. Very good. Wonderful actually. Suddenly your question would be: “why?”. Well, that’s hard to tell. Maybe it’s because it matches my spirit. Better, it does match each and every one listener’s spirit. And that’s its inner force. Exul comes out as an empty box which anyone can fill with whatever they want to.

At first glance it may appear simple and overly bent to a cinematic expression. At second glance it is not. The closer you look, the better you listen to this 3-piece adventurous, digital rocket to the sky the more you find elements and details you care about. You just know they were supposed to be found there still you got big surprise when they appeared in front of your eyes. Your enlarged pupil cannot gaze all the grandiose magnificence of this sonic firmament. This event is clearly noticeable in Solace, last and best track out of Exul. A lo-fi’sh, fuzzy synth makes a grand, pulsing carpet. You can feel something’s happening and suddenly a (perhaps) synthetic harp kicks in. You knew it would have, still you’re amazed by such thrilling bliss. What it may even look simple takes over and drives through a field of tickling-bell kinda synth bringing this tiny opus to a celestial plane.


Anyway Exul is not only Solace -which is merely a brilliant conclusion to this short path. The opener is more edgy and drastic on its own evolution. Deepest Blue is set towards an EDM side where drone music elements are well placed to contribute to a slightly-disturbing yet engaging tune. While mystery is the keyword for Wasteland. In its first half at least. Near the 2 minutes mark it all turns, evolves and grows into a galactic -up-beating- dance where piano plays some serious haunting leads.

And since Exul is just a 10-minute EP I think I’ve been even overly long-winded. That being said, Emanuele De Raymondi’s newest work is just sublime. If a friend would ask me what album I might suggest at the moment, well, this would be the one.

“La classe non è acqua, ragazzi”

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Release Date: 2nd December 2016
Reviewed by Matteo “Teo” Gruppi

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