Time Machine Review: Draconian – Arcane Rain Fell (Sweden, 2005)

While Draconian are definitely a well-established act now, with Arcane Rain Fell we go back to their “roots”. Exactly at their 2nd album ever, and most likely also their best one.

Arcane Rain Fell introduces itself as a mammoth as well as granitic record, whit sulfurous atmospheres melting with angelic voices and heavy as well as slow paced riffs. Sure thing is that the unique fusion of that guttural growl and those operatic singing vocals are the secret weapon out of this death/doom gem.
The intensity of it all is like a wall of sorrow aimed to stop you from being happy. It’ll break you from the inside and leave you crying like a fucking baby. And surely I cannot say they didn’t make it.

“In life I’ve failed,
For years I’ve wailed.
Frozen in time… Left behind…
The rapture of grief is all to find…
The rapture of grief is all!”

As those previous verses taken from Death, Come Near Me (also the best track on Arcane Rain Fell)declare, this album really sounds like the whole of life is shit and misery. Since we’ve failed in life, what need do we have to live then?
But also Heaven Laid In Tears (Angel’s Lament) really does hit the spot being another exquisite milestone of misery. I have an intimate sympathy for this one, it is so real and so painful with the anguishing wonder of its melodies.

In a forlorn land where happiness doesn’t belong, Draconian slowly build inexorable hymns to death and sorrow. You may try resist to this impressive amount of sadness, but I only suggest you to sit and behold them taking you to the bleakest of horizons.

Label: Napalm Records
Websites: Facebook | Website
Release Date: 24th January 2005
Reviewed by Teo

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