Watch new Disperse’s videoclip ‘Tether’

Disperse are releasing the first video for a track taken from their forthcoming album ‘Foreword‘. The third full-length of the rising progressive stars will hit the streets on February 10th.

Watch Now new Disperse’s videoclip for the song ‘Tether’!

Regarding their track, Disperse comment:

“Our song ‘Tether’ speaks of confusion. The need of doing, fixing, and constantly improving what is already marked as a dead end – yet somehow so very difficult to leave. However, if some people have already departed, these are the ones close to us. Musically, this track went through at least 4 or 5 different incarnations – with each new version getting simpler than the previous one. We have definitely spent a lot of time on this song.”

Artwork and track-list of ‘Foreword‘ can be viewed below.

01. Stay
02. Surrender
03. Bubbles
04. Tomorrow
05. Tether
06. Sleeping Ivy
07. Does It Matter How Far?
08. Foreword
09. Neon
10. Gabriel
11. Kites

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