Review: Der Noir – A Certain Idea of Love (Italy, 2015)

Der Noir is a 3-piece cold/dark wave and electronic band from Rome.
I’ve never heard of them before, I didn’t know their music before a week ago, but this slight album entitled A Certain Idea Of Love suddenly made me love them.

Beyond a somehow minimalistic approach to electronic music discloses a trippy collection of hypnotic tunes. Assumed the overall atmosphere is utterly cold and desolated, the feeling that pops up the most is “perdition”. In fact, for the whole album length, this Roman trio sewed a texture of liquid yet dilated synths with sparse guitars and drums as well. Oh…there’s no sign of vocals! For which I’m so glad.


The number that hits me and embraces me the most is the last one, Blue. A long (10 minutes) repetition of the same chords which have been perfectly placed to gather the worst memories inside your head. Also Cold Kiss really struck me. It starts with a sequence of digital noises/sounds slowly emerging in pretty nice –almost comforting- melody which, at this very point, continues gently till the end of the song.
Still, besides those two tunes I’d be embarrassed if I had to spot out something bad inside A Certain Idea Of Love. Maybe we could say, being overly fussy, that it has a dash of flatness…but yet again, it should also be named as a value. Hence, fuck off the “necessarily-having-to-say-something-bad” ethic! This album is good.

At the end I can’t excuse myself from making a big applause to Der Noir for this great piece of atmospheric introspection. Bravo!

Label: Subsounds Records
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp | Website
Release Date:
13th November 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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